back home.

IMG_4256A year ago today I was traipsing around the Icelandic landscape with a few of my closest friends. We were drinking beer, building snowmen, doing research, hiking, and soaking in geothermal pools. Now I am sitting at home on a Friday night writing the first entry to this blog… How in the hell did I get here? I graduated from university. And when you graduate in to the real world you are supposed to be ready. Ready for the WHOLE world. I’d like to think I am still ready for the whole world, but I don’t think the world is ready for me. Still jobless, still at home with the parents, still serial dating, still wondering what I am supposed todo with my life. But honestly, I am SOOOOOOO lucky! My parents are housing me, letting me live with them, and still love me after two months of being here almost 24/7. After four years away, this is not what I imagined. I anticipated corporations to be calling me constantly to offer me jobs, and chasing me across the world. Apparently that’s nothow it works. I guess I am supposed to try to work…But, really all I want to do is go live somewhere I’ve never been, and just begin. I have lived in some of the most beautiful places in the world and I am only 22. I really have absolutely nothing to complain about. And honestly, as I have slowly accepted that I will be home for a while to accumulate some wealth I have become more excited to explore the beautiful city that I have not spent much time in since I was 17 years old. So, reluctantly, I admit this will be a new adventure.


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